After hitting up Modefabriek a friend of mine gave me a call, asking me if  I could join him at an important shoot for Miss Holland. I had no idea what was going to happen but eventually he persuaded me to come while I was quite exhausted after visiting Modefabriek all day, but ok.. I couldnt say "no" to a good old fella, right ?! So I ignored my "Lazy state of mind" and took a visit.

When I arrived my friend Charlessjay introduced me to all the people working backstage. The set was filled with fabulous pieces of clothing and great High Heels Charlessjay took along for this shoot.

Giusy de Ceglia (streetstyle / Fashion photographer) was asked to shoot "Miss Holland" (Desiree v/d berg) for the upcoming "Miss Universe" Contest. Desiree looked awesome in all the clothes, beautiful make-up and Hair Charlessjay (Stylist), Angelo Giannaula (Hairstylist) and Anita Sisnaiski (Make-up Artist) put together !!

 Visit ; www.giusydeceglia.com to see the end results or take a look at all the other pictures Guisy made through the years.

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