January !! The month of Fashion and offcourse MODEFABRIEK. This time Modefabriek celebrated their 30th Edition the 23th and 24th of January at their local place RAI Amsterdam.

At least 600 brands around the world participated this 30TH event with their new F/W 2011 collection and after hearing the rumors about Uber Blogger BRYANBOY (http://www.bryanboy.com/) was coming to Modefabriek I couldn't stop myself from going.

After seeing some great designers like MAX TAN and ARA JO at the CUTTING EDGE last year I was very very curious about what The Cutting Edge was offering this year.

MODEFABRIEK / CUTTING EDGE gives various Avant-Garde / out of the box designers the big chance to show their new creations to the Dutch Fashion Crowd and bloggers like myself hahaha ..


One of the brands ate the CUTTING EDGE PLATFORM who realy got my eye was BARBARA I GONGINI.

This sweet and long red-haired lady comes all the way from Denmark and knows exactly what she wants. She has a magnificent brain when it comes to High-End Fashion, Androgyny and Mysterious looking creations.

Her MAIN LINE has some great pieces like zipped black leather coats (I was in love with by the way) and nice asymmetrical looking pieces. Me likey !! Surely a brand to remember !!



Furthermore their were lots of other brands who impressed mequite a lot.
One of them was NEO DIA. Neo Dia is an australian brand by; Becky Chua ( who I met at Modefabriek) and Gavin Lowes and is famous by its Feminine, Florucent and Architectural designs.

I really feel many Celebs will walk away with their clothes. Lady GaGa or compatriot kyli Minoque perhaps ?! We will see.

for now I felt very honoured to meet one of the Designers.



Leaving platform Cutting Edge I ran into this brand called EDEL. The name says enough words !! Edel is from origin a New Dutch brand with allready a High Fashion allure.

I had a quick sneek peek at their F/W 2011/2012 collection and became a little greedy by seeing all those beautifuly made pieces from soft leather lambskin jackets to nice cutted shirts in their main colours black and white.

So far as I can see a minimalistic and "Easy-To-Wear" label with a strong concept and individual style. I'll surely walk away with this label if I have the chance !!


After meeting such inspiring and great new designers, carrying goodiebags / magazines all day long and walking for like hours me and my partners in crime "Patricia (stylist)" and "Quincy (upcoming blogger)" hitted up THE BORREL! for a big and fashionable party.

Finally arrived at the afterparty I had the greatest time with my fellow Bloggers
"April / FREAKDELAFASHION", "Christian Wibowo / FASHIONGENTRIX", "Rachna / SQUA.RE", "Judith and Ruth Saphira / MODETRUT" !!

The Martini was great, all the invited people were Fierce and with Bas Kosters as DJ and people like Bryanboy and Sonny Groo strolling around we danced the night away !!

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Hi!! i just saw you reaction on my blog:) I haven't seen you at the supertrash brandstore opening in Amsterdam and also I went to the Borrel at the modefabriek:) I even got a picture with Bryanboy:) yeah. I have no tickets for the AIFW. I am dying to go to the Supertrash fashionshow and the afterparty! Are you going?

xx Pris