After having an amazing time at the AIFW I couldn't hardly wait for the SUPERTRASH fashionshow to start !!

Unfortunately this was the last show I attended due to work and I couldn't get enough of Amsterdam Fashionweek, The fashionable people and the great atmosfere.

The time had come for me say Bye Bye and to celebrate a great and fabulous week, and so I did !! With a little help of SUPERTRASH and the fabulous afterparty, I had a blast. And as far as I could see, I was not the only one !!

Olcay did a great job !! The whole place was crowded and full of people who were fighting for their seats !! It almost looked like the whole Fashionscene gathered to get a glimpse of the new F/W 2011 collection SUPERTRASH was offering. With 1500 seats and 2000 people hanging around the show started a little Fashionably late.

After an hour the F/W show started and High-tailed femme fatales entered the stage dressed in tight Camel and flower printed dresses, beige leather pants and alot of black pieces. In the meanwhile I did my very best to make some good pictures through the crowd to give you a sneek peek of the show.

After all I cannot show you all the pictures. The collection will be in stores this upcoming winter !! Be prepared Fashionista's !!


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Samm zei

Geweldige show was het he?
Ik zag je snel bij de afterparty, ik was met Debbie.
Heb je het naar je zin gehad?