Yesterday it was such a great and sunny day when I and Christian /FASHIONGENTRIX went to the store opening of SJAAK HULLEKES in the amazing and upcoming city Arnhem.

When arriving the whole store was wraped like a big present. After Bas (boyfriend of Sjaak) and Pauline (Major of arnhem) gave their speeches it was time to cut that ribbon cause presents have to be opened !!

Inside I was very amazed by Sjaak Hullekes store and collection.
The first thing what stand out was the effort Sjaak putted in his collection. You could really see the clothes were designed by him. Simplicity meets Earthy colours, Distinctivity and lots of love. He also gave us a little SNEAK PEEK at his first Womens Collection.

What I really liked about the opening was the mellow mood and interesting people visiting the store.
In contrast with other opening parties you now had lots of time to take a look, feel the fabrics and chitchat around.

I'd even got the chance to have a short talk with Designer Sisters SPIJKERS&SPIJKERS who also visited the store at the opening. HOW COOL !!

KAIIWONG congratulates SJAAK HULLEKES and Crew for their great new shop

Sjaak Hullekes
Kerkstraat 34, Arnhem

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Anoniem zei

Love it dear... Let's take a tour together again soon. =)

The Fashion Writress zei

Luv luv it :) volgende x ga ik wel mee! Super fotootjes ook babe :)

Jason Laucht zei

nice photos. love ur sneakers and shades
xoxo zei

Hele leuke foto's & je sneaker zijn geweldig xx