It's summer and every girl want to show of their legs whether they are skinny, tall, fat or just absolutely fabulous, they deserve a little bit of attention after surviving all struggles. dont you think ??

Cosmopolitan just gave those legs the oppurtunity to be a "supermodel" on the runway with their yearly event called "Cosmopolitan's mooiste benen". This time located at Sugar Factory Amsterdam. I was invited to not show mine ,NO.. but to judge them via Twitter by Blackberry.

After the legs were treated, oiled, tanned, sprayed and shaved by Venus Embrace it was time to start the show

25 girls participated after Cosmopolitan chose the best pair of legs to be a part of the show. After showing off those legs the jury consisting of Head-Editor of Cosmopolitan Claudia Straatmans, Ana Rodriguez (Gillette Venus Embrace), Renate Peters-Huisman (House of Orange Models), Douce Endlich (winner of last year) choose the legs of the 19 year old Anke Janboer from Heerhugowaard as Cosmopolitan's Mooiste Benen. Congratulations !!

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OMG, love your new layout! Fabulous!

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Ik ben het eens met Mani & love your blog :)!