Traveling from Amsterdam all the way to Florence is a long long journey I can tell you. Well, I'm just Kidding..It takes at least more than 2 hours but I was soo excited about everything that it felt like centuries.

Luckily Luisaviaroma gave us and all other International Bloggers a big, warm welcome at Museum La Specola where we were got ourselves a 4 course dinner and a Opera act right between all the bones, skulls and skeletons.. Kinda creepy you might think but I rather eat my food than look like them / that ghehehe..

After chit-chatting and picturing around with the other bloggers it was the right time to hit up home and leave to the apartment to prepare ourselves for the next big day !! LUISAVIAROMA'S STYLINGLAB.

11 opmerkingen:

Alina F. zei

Gorgeous pictures!Love the skull clutch and that cake looks so yummy!SO jealous right now!xoxo

Jason Laucht zei

fantastic!! id love to come next time! :P

Hiispyrebel zei

LOVE THIS CLUTCH ! And your pictures it's so PERCFET !

Antonia zei

I'm following you....and I'm surprised why I didn't do it before! :)


Clément Dezelus zei

Amazing pics !!! The skull clutch....aaaaaah ! Perfect !

Matter Of Style zei

i love the atmosphere of these pics!


everything looks soooooo good <3

Fashion Queen zei

Amazing photos.

Cylia zei

hmm dat ijsje:)

Sabrina zei

yumyum die laatste foto ;-) wat een prachtige foto's v ♥

Fashion Insanity zei

Mooie fotos weer!! En wat is je United Nude hat prachtig trouwens!