While I am looking forward to my NEW UPCOMING BLOG I think about many things. The way things were and the way things are now. Sometimes I feel kinda guilty of always wanting more in life, not giving a moment thought about what I achieved so far.

In the past I could only Dream or Wish to visit Paris for Fashionweek or fly to Florence for a big Blogger event.

Many people in fashion these days don't look back to where they came from and turn positive feedback into selfishness or overpriced Ego's. It told me the lesson to Be more Compassionate to others and more Responsible for my Actions and Words because without those two things my Gifts and my Talents mean NOTHING. Stay true to yourself and Never forget that Working hard and fighting for your goals will be rewarded in time !!

A big thanks to every Reader, Friend and Follower of KAIIWONG !!

You people are great and making me smile every day again.


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ohmaygoc zei

well said! :)

Tobistyle zei

This photo is hot!


...Stay true to yourself and Never forget that working hard and fighting for your goals will be rewarded in time !! <---- <3

sooo trueee <3

Phuong zei

mooie foto van je! En ik ben benieuwd na je nieuwe blog, wanneer komt het?

Travel in Style


Mooi geschreven! So true :)
Prachtige foto ook.


The Fashion Writress zei

Mooi geschreven Val, so so true en zou willen dat meer mensen t zo zagen..heb er gister zelfs nog een tweet over geplaatst wat misschien niet iedereen waardeert, maar ach ;)


Manon zei

Ik ben het helemaal met je eens, mooi gezegd!!

Lola Finn zei

Nice guy! :)

Joy. // zei

So true! Live your dreams, but stay on earth! I just love your honesty

Jason Laucht zei

my fine fashionable blogger friend!!!

Anoniem zei

Mooi geschreven :) ik voel m!