2011 is slowly coming to an end and it's time to wish all readers a Happy, Fabulous and a Fashionable 2012.

Thank you for making KAIIWONG grow, for all the support, comments and positive Feedback I got from you through the year. I couldn't done it without you.

For me ..2011 was a great year full of new experiences, great contacts and above all a year full of laughter and love. This Year I was able to Travel to some great fashion states in the world. Something I always dreamed of. During my visit I spotted alot of people who looked absolutely stunning. That's why I wanted to share my Fav's with all of you. Hope you enjoy.

While looking back to these pictures I think by myself, what a great year it was !!

Again, a Happy Newyear to all of you. xoxo

14 opmerkingen: zei

Je hebt geweldige foto's gemaakt!!! Gebruik je nikon? xx

Anoniem zei

You made a lot of great pictures. Streetstyle and others. You just need to shoot me more LOL



i love your pictures you know that ;))) 2012 will be a great year for you ;)


Ge-wel-dig! xx Iris

Antonia zei

Really LOVING all those photos!!!
Great job! ^^


christian zei

he-le-mooie foto's!
vooral die gene met het meisje en de felle kleuren.

Anoniem zei

Hey, ik sta in best of 2011! Haha, thanks lieffie. Je nieuwe layout ziet er helemaal super uit, came here to say that. Superstrak ♥

The Fashion Writress zei

Ahhhh zo leuk deze post hahah!!! Jezus wat heb je veel fashionables meegemaakt en we sure had fun ^_^ Let's make 2012 even better shall we??


The Fashion Writress zei

En nog wat, fijn om weer s een foto te zien met BEIDE laarsjes aan HAHAHAHA

JOY zei

Yay, ik sta er ook tussen! Zeker t was een topjaaren 2012 wordt nog beter! Mooie layout!

Mademoiselle Wanderer zei

Overloaded met mooie, unieke mensen, lucky bastard! Anna Della Russo is een persoonlijke fave van mij dus geweldig dat je haar bovenop plaatst. Hele leuke blog en fijne smaak in mensen, ga zo door in 2012 voor de lezers die jouw esthetische smaak kunnen waarderen

Samm zei

Echt geweldige foto's + een geweldig overzicht!
Op naar een nog mooier 2012! ;)


Anoniem zei

well! great pics...i have to admit that all those fashionists really did learn a lot from me hehe ;) happy new year !!

stello zei

well! great pics...i have to admit that all those fashionists really did learn a lot from me hehe ;) happy new year !!