Getting Backstage is the hardest thing to do. Most Designers wont even show you their work before the show while others love to have you around. Thanks to Fourtosix, the Cold Method Team and Dieter (Head-Designer of Cold Method) I was invited to their 5TH Anniversary Fashionshow and got the chance to take some shots behind the scenes. I was more than excited about it. Thanks again.

While spending some time backstage and shooting pics I realized this was not just another Fashionshow but a show with a deeper meaning, a show with a message to all men who will wear this collection.Later on it became clear to me that the inspiration of the show went back to the 60's. The time of Activism, The time that John Lennon, Harvey Milk and Hugh Hefner changed taboo's and our way of thinking today and the time that people knew what they were wearing. Classy but casual. It's the men who strives for innovation, know what he wants and is willing to fight for it in style. It's the Men Activist of the 60's in a new Cold method suit.

While looking to the pieces I must say that the inspiration was clearly visible by me due to the right use of colors, details, fabric choice and tailoring. This mix of aspects made the collection strong and very attractive to wear.

Again great work by The Cold Method Team. I cant wait to show you the pics of the show.

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Joy. // zei

Wauw, echt prachtige foto's!

christian zei

hele mooie foto's!

Judith zei

Wow super mooie foto's, vooral die laatste!


Jason Laucht zei

so many handsome men hehehe. great black and whites images! well done!!!!

Mademoiselle Wanderer zei

great article: both photos and text