First I'm really sorry for my belated posts on my blog lately. Amsterdam Fashion Week just started and that means alot of events, shows and expo's are hitting up my agenda and my beloved town !! Before all the Fashionable activities I started my first day of The Fashion Week at MODEFABRIEK (FashionFactory). One of my Fav. events of the season.

MODEFABRIEK gives brands, buyers, press and visitors the chance to connect and be inspired for next season. Next to this MODEFABRIEK created a Platform for different, young and upcoming Designers to show their work to the Dutch Fashion Industry. I'm always looking forward to see some new work, new creations and new creativity so I was really pleased to be part of their Fashionshow. I took you some pictures of the pieces who got my eye.

While some creations were not really my style others stand out !! What I liked about the collections was that you could see the Love the Designers put in their work and their strong vision and style when it comes to new silhouettes and shapes. We would love to hear more from you !!

10 opmerkingen:

garde zei

incredible pieces!!!


Heel erg mooi gedaan! xx


it's so inspiring looking at young fashion brands, and founding amazing designs among the not that well known designers.
can you put name of the ones in the photos?


Mademoiselle Wanderer zei

fab editing, etc. The Dark Angel creation (4) has me gobsmacked ♥

Manon zei

Leuke foto's en mooi gedaan zo :)


Esmeralda zei

Love your blog, you've got yourself a new follower ;)

Anoniem zei

Top! The editing is also great. Keep this kind of reports. X

Jason Laucht zei

o0ooo nice features!!! <3

Fashiable zei

Wauw prachtig hoe je deze foto's hebt bewerkt! Nee ik ga morgen helaas niet naar AFW, maar ik had graag gewild! Jammer dat je vandaag niet kon, had je graag even willen zien! Hopelijk tot snel op een ander event, toevallig ook SWYF op 9 februari? X

Antonia zei

These photos are so AMAZING!! :)