The students from AMFI surprised the visitors of the Amsterdam Fashion Week again during their F/W 2012/13 Fashionshow called Duals. The Duals collection reminded me of many things going on in the world nowadays. These days I strongly feel and believe that we are looking for innovation and a new way of thinking. Not only I see it all around me but dealing with these facts too.

Everyday is like re-inventing myself, fighting and looking for an improved and new me and that's the main element in the collection of AMFI. Like the students of AMFI says the Duals collection refers to the duel between oneself and the outside world, to the duality between faith and insecurity.

Though I'm not a really big fan of the Nomadic clothing style I found the collection quite great. Again this was a show with a strong concept and vision. What I find really impressive is that more often Designers are able to connect their work to what's going on in the world right now and that's just what the students of AMFI did in their wonderful Fall/Winter collection. Great job.

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garde zei


Anoniem zei

So DARK. So EDGY. But very interesting x


the fourth picture is true <3 i really love this outfit! black and grey <3

Mademoiselle Wanderer zei

This global traveller is a more minimalistic approach than the standard one: kind of ascetic approach like someone on a pilgrimage

Mani zei

Black perfection! I loooove so many things!

Charlotte zei

wauw, seems like a great show!