Hey you guys, missed me ?? Well, let's just say I had the most craziest and surprising Paris Fashion Week you could EVER imagine. It all started in my Hotel room at Hotel Crowne Plaza Republique. Above all expectations Vivienne Westwood and Amaya Arzuaga personally invited me to their Autumne - Hiver 2012/13 fashion shows !!

I was speechless but innerly screaming when I saw my name handwritten on the envelopes of the invitations. For me it felt like a appreciation for my work I deliver. Something I always dreamed of became reality in front of my own eyes. That's where it's all about, Living your dreams and make them reality.I can't wait to tell you more about my days during Fashion week but.. first I need some rest. It was such a productive week full of Fashion and fun !! Be prepared..

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konshonchloe zei

really really lov ur amazing blog

diamond kid zei

Sunglasses are top!

Javito zei

Love Paris, Your outfit and Amaya Arzuaga!
Very jelous again... zei

Je haar & bril: LOVE IT!


yes i miss you ;)) and i really love your haircut!

Mademoiselle Wanderer zei

Even crazier than your previous PFW? sounds like fun...

Jason Laucht zei


linsey sijmons zei

Is dat DE Acne zonnebril?! <3


Broken Stylee zei

I just discovered your blog and I really love it!

Mr J zei

OMG, you look so hot! Love your look so much and the first photo is awesome. I wasn't in the show :( wish it was me..

Cliff Tuna zei

Hi Valentino (omg seriously you have a lovely name). Looking through these images is like seeing Paris for my own eyes, I have no idea but I actually do feel that way. You're a great photographer! And btw I'm in love with your KW icon, it's just so.. unique and greattttt!!! :D

Luis zei

I definitely need to go to PFW next year. NYFW does not even compare to PFW. ;)


Luis (my blog!)