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While cleaning your room you find things you didn't knew they were even there. Well, yesterday I bumped into this issue during cleaning. After cleaning up the explosion of clothes in my room I found back my Acne Jeans who I thought I lost a few months ago !! It made me feel more careful with my stuff. Some things have a value and it can be anything I figured. Reason to share this post with you.

I ♥ Acne for their designs and musthave pieces. The Cashmere scarf I bought in the Acne Studio Store Amsterdam last year is like my second skin. I almost wear it everyday and it even got my perfume scent on it. Sometimes I like to spray some of my fav. perfume on it just to crawl in it. I'm always satisfied with my clothes and accessories from Acne and glad to have it in my wardrobe.

Oh I adore this bag. It's the WIG BAG 50 by YARN UNIT. I bought it before leaving to Paris for Paris Fashion Week last summer. You can drop it full of stuff and it still feels like carrying a feather. I figured that the more you wear it, the more the leather is getting nicer and nicer. It matched every outfit in Paris and I'm still carrying this bag with me when I don't feel like walking around with my camera.

Kate Moss is Next to Lara Stone one of my fav. models out there. Her looks are amazing and I always have to buy Vogue when she's on the Cover. Besides that I have a slight obsession for collecting Vogue Magazines. My collection counts more than 300 and most of them are Vogue Paris.. Yeah I know it's insane but it's true. I can't stop it.

My NY Yankee cap is there for the lazy days. The days I don't feel like doing my hair or just for fun. I'm just happy it's a piece of my wardrobe.. you never know when you need it. These 2 book are part of my Fashion books collection. The ones you see right there are Terry's World and 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers. some books I bought myself and some I got as present. It's just great to have them around for inspiration or decoration.

This Perfume I got as present from my previous job. First I didn't like this perfume at all but the more I was wearing it the more I fell in love with this perfume. isn't that strange ?? Spicebomb from Viktor&Rolf is a sweet scent. It feels like you have been showering for like hours and hours. I like perfumes who make you feel fresh.

Last but not least my adventure bag or how Alexander is calling it The Kirsten Bag by Alexander Wang. I call it my adventure bag because I always have it with me. I soo adore this wonderful bag and it's never gonna leave my side even when it's broken !!

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konshonchloe zei

lov u blog friend!

garde zei

cool pics...great blog!hehe


christian zei

oeh love spice bom, echt een lekkere parfum!

Jason Laucht zei

ur travel bag is fierce!!

Mademoiselle Wanderer zei

Always nice having a rediscovery.

you're lucky having a like for Kate because she's everywhere. My fave models are not featured so often because I'm not really into standard or popular, oh well

Song- Thanh zei

Mooie foto's allemaal, the Alexander Wang bag is phenomenal, loove it!

WOLF359 zei

That last bag is awesome! Adventure is out there! ;)

Amy zei

wow the adventure bag is echt geweldig! Me want it :)

Javito zei

I have that hat!

Antonia zei

Abs amazing shots!!


Laura and Romy @ MIXT zei

wat een cool blog heb je!

João Santos zei

Just amaziing.


Miss Margaret Cruzemark zei

Amazing post. Your blog is great. I totally love it!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Cliff Tuna zei

I love these photos, Val! You know you're a great photographer!

KingStarVip zei

wow amazing photos ;] I love them.

btw you have a new follower I hope you will do it too: kingstarvip.blogspot.com

great clothes, Lara Stone is my fav model too :D


KingStarVip zei
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KingStarVip zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Theonlyfashionprincess zei

love it. mooie dingen! XO

SebastianMx zei

I love your style!!! thanks for your coment in my blog, yours is fantastic!!!

Nice pictures


I think your blog is so stylish! LOVE IT! ...sorry if my english is not good...kisses from SPAIN! :D http://www.whatyoushouldwearmen.blogspot.com.es/

Rosalinda Tjioe zei

Loveee your Alexander Wang bag! X


Rosalinda Tjioe zei

Loveee your Alexander Wang bag! X


Milan Boya zei

love acne! n i want this bag :)

Adrian Guadalupe zei

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Your blog is awesome. Pretty stuff!


Rick zei

Lekkere foto's.
Blijft een mooie flesje van Viktor & Rolf.


x Rick