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Remember I was telling you about my collaboration with Jasonitos ?? For the ones who missed the part. Jason for Jasonitos.com came to Amsterdam to make a short film about me, my blog and my favourite stores in beautiful Amsterdam. For my opinion he is very talented in making cool vid's so I suggest to visit his blog when you got the time.
Despite of being a bit nervous about the movie we had alot of fun. It's a bit new for me that someone is filming me. I hope you like the video and my favourite stores in Amsterdam. So we checked the United Nude store, the Store of Dutch Designer Ilja Visser and a few more.. check it out !!

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garde zei

you are very beautiful!!!


Joy. | justlikesushi.com zei

Jaaaaaaaa superleuk! You're a star!


that´s soooo cool i can´t find words to describe it <3<3<3

really good work <3

Clément Dezelus zei

Such a great movie ! Love your sense of fashion ! Can't wait to visit your city ;)

www.glamour-blog.com zei

Geweldig om je eens op een video te zien :D! & die zonnebril a la mickey mouse is gewoon super :D ik zie je er zo mee rondlopen! :D xx

JoshuaMaxwelldeHoog zei

ah, i can't view it. would love to see it though

Javito zei

love that video!!! congrats :-)

Pat V zei

so cool!

Laura and Romy @ MIXT zei

aah wat cool! Kan je trots op zijn:)

by Daniel Caicedo zei

I'm in love with your accent!

Boy urbandchic by Jhect zei

Love your blog! the video is fantastic!

Have a nice day!

J. Héctor

Dream, Pray and Love zei

Super gaaf filmpje! X

Mademoiselle Wanderer zei

Good to hear the voice behind the concept Kaiiwong. And the bag? Super!

halfwhiteboy zei

nice one!


Cliff Tuna zei

Awww I love this video, Valentino! I mean, it's sooo cool and awesome! To be able to see you in video is a great thing, 'cause we all know words and spaces don't really express someone's expressions? I'm being so complicated... I love the video!

Sisters and Sisters zei



The Fashion Commentator zei

Hi Valentino! I've seen the film...that's great...it seems one of those professional docu-film on fashion shopping you can find in such important magazine! Very good job for you both! You're very nice and smart :)
Have a good week-end!
Alessandro - http://www.thefashioncommentator.blogspot.it

Esther zei

Superleuke video, die zonnebril die je bij ready to fish_ opzet, staat je echt goed! In welke winkel haalde je dat Vogue-jasje en het shirt met Marc Jacobs uit de rekken? Loved it!

Milan Boya zei

great! love ur outfit <3

C. zei

What an amazing video, love it! And thank you for the kind comments on my blog mr.fashion