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Finally I'm Back in Amsterdam again after having a great time in Paris and Milan the last two weeks of June. July is about to start and I'm full of stories about those fashionable cities. Besides Paris I was absolutely looking forward to visit Milan together with the buyers of shoe store DAAD177 located in Amsterdam.
DAAD177 invited me to join them in buying the new S/S 2013 collection who will hit the store in January/ February. We dropped by many brands such as Alexander McQueen, Bruno Bordesse and Marc jacobs where I met famous Model Cole Mohr - (Click Here).
Due to the busy schedule I wasn't able to take pics all the day but I made sure you are able to see a glimpse of our days and the upcoming S/S 2013 shoes of Marc Jacobs. The cool thing is that DAAD177 has a online store - (Click Here) so you can buy these shoes real soon. Also you can follow the buyers of DAAD177 right here - (Click Here). Can't wait to see the collection in the store soon. I also chose a Bag for myself !! Woot Woot

PICTURE 02 - Me in front of Marc Jacobs HQ
PICTURE 03 - Wearing my Givenchy studded star High tops
PICTURE 04 - Playing the tourist in front of the Duomo
PICTURE 05/8 - A quick glimpse to the s/s 2013 shoes and HQ of Marc Jacobs
PICTURE 09/11 - Having a break and Lunch at cool shop and cafe Corso Como - (click here)

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garde zei

beautiful pics...

Duck zei

OMG you met Cole Mohr, jealous!! Good idea to wear the camo, you're very "on trend" :) I just got back from Paris too but I haven't been to Milan in so long! Maybe next season...

Dennis Boldt zei

Niiiiiiiiice! :))


Theonlyfashionprincess zei

Love it! X

Mademoiselle Wanderer zei

your style and personality matches Milan and I hope you had a blast...why not try to work/live in Milan or Paris instead?

The Fashion Writress zei

Ziet er werkelijk prachtig uit Val en erg gezellig dat je mee mocht met Mariska :)) You look great XX

jumelle life zei

I LOVE YOU PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jumelle life

Antonia zei

AMAZING photos! :)


agagie zei

this blog is amazing , great pictures and style !
love it

Miss Margaret Cruzemark zei

Oh my God…This is so so cool. Your blog totally rocks!!!
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Matthew Arruda Lima zei

damn! i wish i was there! Pictures look pretty awesome, love the shades!

Anoniem zei

I miss Milano! Great pictures and your sneakers ROCK!


Annec zei

Just love these shoes, wonderful!

Wow, do you travel a lot in France ? :)