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A few weeks ago Bibi van der Velden and mother Michele Deiters (both known for their artistic talents and creations) invited me to their atelier and studio White Space for a High blogger Tea. Interested I was listening to Bibi's stories about her jewelry lines and inspiration sources when my eye fell on a big sculptured face out of iron in a black box of glass who was staring me in the eyes.
Michele later explained me that she and daughter Bibi joined forces to create this sculptured iron face out of their fascination for time. "Time is a very beautiful and yet so scary thing. It's here and already gone when you think of it. we people like to control time, we like to hold it but, time has no form. It slips through our fingers" Michele told me. "The iron face reflects light, it's changing shapes like time is changing ours". Inspired I was listening to the words of Bibi and Michele and left with a mind full of questions and goodiebag ofcourse ;) !! I wanted to know more.. more about time and their vision on their artwork called "Confronting Time". Luckily the goodiebag included a great book about these art pieces and answered almost all my questions. I carried and read the book during my trip to Paris. This book is filled with inspiring writings and pictures about their collaboration and creations. A must-have for everyone who wants to explore time and the beauty of art.

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Sharon zei

Lijkt me een hele leuke High Tea!

Het boek ziet er ook echt prachtig uit!

Ik doe vanavond mijn DIY trui aan naar de opening van Weekday en naar de Zalanco Collection presentatie, dus misschien zie ik je daar ;)


Mary ♡ Fashionbirds zei

Wonderful phrase, "confronting time"... And so exciting from an artistic point of view. I find the sculpture extremely interesting and diverse. And the book looks amazing indeed, I find those kinda books very appealing and inspiring too!

Have a wonderful day!

christian zei

leuk leuk leuk!
ik lees net dat je vanavond ook naar weekday opening gaat! Maby see you there!


My Dutch Fashion Style

Giorgio Schimmenti. zei

I'm in love with your pics!

Waiting for you,



TES zei

A very nice book and really interesting sculpture!

A hug,

Joshua Christian zei

Enchanting sculpture! Lucky you being in such an artistic trip.

Phuong zei

mooie fotos, ziet er heel gaaf uit

Travel in Style

FAdam zei

she seems very smart person. and she's right about the time. we can't stop it...

great photos and comment :)

SebastianMx zei

It looks like a great booj!!! nice art, the head is amazing!!!

felix zei

great post!! cheap monday is to die for!! :)) xxx