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In my previous outfitpost I was telling you how easy it was to look great with less clothes and I got some nice compliments for that post. Reason for me to spend again some more time to show you some tricks how to look stunning with less. I collected all my shopping experience and wrote a "What To Do" list for you readers. I hope it will be useful. Enjoy.

 The main rule number one is.

Of-course it's nice to buy as many as you like in cheap stores (I do it myself sometimes) but saving up money and buy the real musthaves is the better work. I do not say you have to buy expensive clothes all the time but I remember how happy I was when I finally were able to buy my YSL Leopard sneakers after saving up some money. Everyone knows that musthaves makes your outfit complete. See those kind of buys as an investment cause nine out of ten it lasts much longer. To be honest with you I rather prefer one Designer item than ten crappy-made items but that doesn't mean it has to be expensive. Luxury don't have to be expensive.

When I go to Fashion week or when I am surfing on the webs I see amazing clothes. Unfortunately my wallet is not always allowing me to buy those things so, what to do?
Well, shops like Zara or H&M are the key to Copy Cat the styles of the shows you like. Usually a collection is about a concept, when you got the concept you can create the same style in your own way and look much cooler. For example my studded bracelet on my picture. I bought it very cheap at a vintage store. It kinda reminds me of the Hermes Bracelet, No ??

03 SALE SALE SALE Oh how I love sale and I think many of us do. Ofcourse I did not paid the full amount for my YSL Leopard shoes. I patiently waited until the shop had "50% discount" written on their window. Lucky as I was I ran inside, grabbed my shoes, paid with my saved up money and Viola, there they were, my beauties !! Besides that I was able to buy lots more crazy stuff like my Dolce & Gabbana shades thanks to "sale" and the "saving up rule" !! Killed two birds with one stone.

04 DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) Next to buying things you can clean out your closet. By cleaning out your closet you will find things you will never wear again. Most people will throw it away but wait.. Why not customize it ?! It makes your style rare and hard to copy. People will ask you where you are buying your stuff and in times like these I think it's really important to stand out from the crowd, be creative with your style and play with it. Be different. Cutting off the sleeves of a blazer can make the difference and no money attached !!

I'm wondering if you readers have some more tips about the issue "How To look Fashion for less"  issue. Tell me..

DOLCE AND GABBANA / Gold Pilot Shades
COLD METHOD / Gray Pull-Over
ACNE STUDIO / Faux Leather Pants
YVES SAINT LAURENT / Cavalino Leopard Sneakers
VINTAGE / Studded Bracelet

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christian zei

Helemaal waar!
leuk stukje V!



Hiispyrebel zei

WAW love your sneackers so perfect ! ;)

I saw your comment on this Balmain's true that it is simpler since Christophe Decarnin went good but I rather like the embroidery.


garde zei

I like a lot the brazalet!!! you are stylish boy!


Pablo Parra (Fungi) zei

Kaiiwong you always have the greatest posts! I just love that you shared these tips with us, I think the same: we don't have to spend a lot of money to dress with style! And i love the brazalet!

Have a nice week!

Allison zei

I absolutely LOVE your bracelet and sneakers! You look amazing! I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!
A's Fashion Files

Robin Bery zei

Like this your outfit. Well done, especially the bracelet and the shoes. I do not like sneakers but to your style they just fit really well! :)

www.glamour-blog.com zei

Die schoenen! Zou ze zo voor mezelf kopen :D

Lucca Yoga zei

Your bracelet, your shoes, EDGY!

Lucca Yoga

Mlle W zei

blijft strak & stijlvol bij jou...en altijd wel een dure uitstraling.

Haha, geweldig, met de expert op "cursus streetstyle": ik ga binnenkort naar Stockholm en zou graag wat mooie, stijlvolle mannen voor mijn readers willen fotograferen: tips?

Beauty Follower zei

Great sneakers!

Have a wonderful week :)

Sharon zei

Superleuk stukje!

Ik moet mijzelf aanleren om echt wat meer te sparen, zodat ik wat betere kwaliteit kleding kan kopen.
Ik koop toch wel vaak mijn kleding bij de H&M of Zara...

En ik ben echt een fan van DIY!
Ik houd ervan om mijn eigen ding te maken en te dragen.
Ookal kan je ze soms kant-en-klaar in de winkel kopen, ik vind het zeker de moeite waard om er even wat tijd in te steken.



Male World zei

I love your shoes :)



No Problem! Yes, you're right I'd probably forget when I wrote. But anyway.. your shoes in the last picture look really really cool.

Nathan Niche zei

wow! stellar look. and you called me mr. fierce? YOU'RE THE ONE who's mr. fierce with a capital 'F'! those pony hair printed shoes are so so niceeee!! :)

xx nathan.niche

x Mr Brightside x zei

such a great reading! love this post, and ur blog is amazing I had to follow u dude! :D

it's great to see more men bloggers like us ;)


Jason Laucht zei

miss u baby <3


I know it. I have heels in leo look, but unfortunately I think for far too rarely reuse. And if I had sneakers with the print, that would be too conspicuous :D
Follow each other? Would be glad! Love,

Stefany zei

great post and amazing kicks!

Guy Overboard zei

Love the shoes!!!!

Javito zei

Cool look & good advises!

Sharon zei

Nog als reactie wat jij hebt achtergelaten:

Het lag denk ik ook aan mijn loon.
Ik zat gewoon nog op school en werkte dinsdagavond en zaterdag in een Supermarkt, daar verdien je nou niet echt genoeg mee om in goede, dure items te investeren :p

Nu ik een tussenjaartje heb en gewoon ga werken zal ik zeker (proberen) wat meer te sparen voor mooie stukken.
Zoals de ASH Titan boots die ik al heel lang wil!



The Fashion Robot zei

You are totally right in this post. I share that same opinion.
Jeffrey Campbell Lita Giveaway in my blog :)

Tessa: zei

Wat een gave look en vooral de sneakers

Mlle W zei

btw, don't you get extra discount with other friends in shops? You seem popular/blogger/incrowd blahblah & you must give them discounts too, or am I completely off on this?

FAdam zei

first photo is magnificent ;] great clothes.


Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE zei

This is so inspiring, you really know what you're doing :)


Winton zei

Amazing shoes! They're so bold and fierce.

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Kellyelisejaspers zei

That bracelet is so cool! Love it :)!


Margaret zei

Wow loving this ! <3

Sofie zei

So true! Love to read this post! I'm definately sharing your opinion! Rather 1 stunning garment than 5 'oke' pieces! And oh your Leopard shoes!!

Diego Blanco zei

I love your bracelet! And your sneakers!


Diego Blanco zei

I love your bracelet! And your sneakers!


Anthea Lau zei

Ohh god this is beyond rad. Loving all the superb elements in this outfit, the specs, the cuff and the flawless leopard shoes - all comes down to an understated coolness.
Thanks for the love, I'm following you now :)

fashion meets art zei

fantastic!!! i love all the details!
lovely greets
maren anita

Can I invite you to my GIVEAWAY ???:

*dogeared heart necklace*


True zei

Soo stylish!


Benjamin R. Tögel zei

well, i havn't got another hint for you but i'm totally agree with almost all of your points. all above the first and the diy-one.
i don't like to copy cat designers but thats my ethic attitude.

but booy. i also want to say thank you for your really nice comments the last days :) xxx


i love this post and your outfit and this vintage bracelet <3

Margaret Cruzemark zei

Totally adore! Thank you for your amazing comment on my blog! It means the world to me!
Sending you kisses and hugs.
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

micah gianneli zei

Totally agree. And those YSL sneakers are epic!

Micah x


amazing tettmann.doust legging giveaway here

Christoffer zei

I love your blog. It's very inspirational!

Anoniem zei

Into the preppy sweater with the cuff.

x Peter