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Hey readers, I hope you all are well. Here everything is fine besides being truly sorry for my lack of posts this week. September has approached, days are slowly getting shorter and believe it or not, Its getting colder. Autumn is on its way.For many of us its the time to go back to school or back to work but what to wear !! For you I turned my wardrobe upside down to create a look with my fav. Pieces I would wear during the autumn days and why.. I hope it will come in handy in your autumn days.

01 LET YOUR SHADES DO THE TALKING: Besides being a shades collector I think shades as well as bags, hats, jewelry and shoes can make your outfit complete. Shades for me can really portray the way you feel or the way you want to look. As you can see I chose to be a little "Futuristic" this time with my Martin Margiela shades !! Whatever which shades you choose. Make them do the work, let them do the talking for your look. For me its the key item.

02 BE COMFORTABLE (IN STLYLE): Many people (me included) like to dress comfortable in autumn what I completely understand but what ends up dull and boring instead of "stylish". Luckily Smashbox helped me out on this matter by sending me this cool sweater of Reign Italia. I can guarantee you you won't look dull with this brand. For autumn they chose to blend some more colors and prints in their collection what is also the tip I want to give you. Grey, black and brown are the main colors for autumn and you can look gorgeous in it but try to add some more color so now and then. Get rid of every clothing what makes you feel boring or dull.

03 IT'S ALL IN THE BAG: Since a few years fashionable bags for men are slowly coming back after been away for quite some time. To be honest I'm happy with this new wave of fashion cause I think bags for men are a must. Just like women we (sometimes) have a lot of things to carry along and what we men do is simply try to squeeze everything in the pockets of our pants. Tell me if I'm wrong but its not really flattering. Having a bag makes your outfit much more special and finally, no more stuffed pant pockets !!

04 SHOES ARE MADE FOR FASHION: Like my friends always say. You never have enough shoes and I totally agree !! I don't mind spending some more money on shoes. That's why I bought me these Balenciaga sneakers. They are timeless and perfect for autumn. Definitely gonna wear these very often !! Shoes are made for walking but surely made to create a great look.

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA / L'Incognito Sunglasses
REIGN ITALIA / Turtle Neck Sweater
EASTPAK BY KRIS VAN ASSCHE / Leather and Rough Cotton Backpack
BALENCIAGA / Patchworked Leather Sneakers


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christian zei

Het zijn hele gafe fto's geworden V!


My Dutch Fashion Style

Sharon zei


Ik had het gister toevallig nog over mannen met tassen bij de tandarts bij wie ik assisteerd!

De eigenaar van de praktijk loopt namelijk altijd rond met zo'n men purse/ leren toilet tas :p


Nathan Niche zei

Love the l'incognito sunnies, can't go wrong with some MMM magic ;) If you're interested check out my new Vivienne Westwood Ruben print asymmetric look-

xx nathan.niche

FAdam zei

you always have a futuristic sunglasses. I like autumn, maybe it's not a hot season but it has a special atmosphere, especially I like October :)

I hope we can follow each other: fadam.ocom.pl :)

Duck zei

Bags for men are definitely a must! Why do people think we have nothing to carry?! You got one of the KvA Eastpaks! I really want to get the black leather backpack from the current collection.

garde zei

cool pics
your blog is fantastic


Pablo Parra (Fungi) zei

Those sunglasses are amazing and very original! Also the first pic (My favorite :P)

Great outfit for the urban life!

Eros Buzza zei

Hey Valentino,

nice to hear from you and thanks for your comment on my blog. Enjoyed to read it.
I really can say the same of you.
And yes I'm fine - pursuant to your cool event posts you're surely good too ! ;)

blackberryfashion zei

Wow, these pictures are amazing :) I'm your new follower :)


Francesca Giusti zei

love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Elizaveta zei

I'm with pleasure present you my blog, I'll hope you visit it and follow!
Have a good days ♥


Sharon zei

Ik heb de ELLE Black issue met het meeste plezier gelezen!

En je zal me ook zeker zien bij FNO, al moet ik wel werken dus ben ik er waarschijnlijk niet stipt om 6 uur.
Waar ben jij te vinden die avond?


Mary ♡ Fashionbirds zei

Well, hello there, handsome! Looking stylish as always! Where do you get those awesome items all the time...?!

Love, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

Jennie from the Blog zei

super leuke outfit! en die tweede foto vind ik echt mooi!!

Style Grenade zei

OMG! It was my first time in your blog and fell in love with it. I want your shades, so amazing. :)

xx Diana

Clara Turbay zei

Inspiring and classy blog, love it.