Dressing up properly in suits, shirts and ties is .. not my favorite thing. Most of the time I feel old, boring or uncomfortable wearing a suit or any of that. Luckily Dieter (Designer of Cold Method) managed it Again to create a proper look with a touch of urban casual. Being inspired by King Charles (a singer / songwriter from the 80's) who's know for his rock & roll / modern hippie image, Dieter created looks representing this vibe in his own Cold Method way. Using different colors, fabrics and prints it was a pleasant show to watch. Something what caught my eye was the flower printed shirts in his Fall / Winter 2013 collection. Is this a trend coming up ?? I asked the Designer himself and according to Dieter men can to his opinion show a softer part of themselves. Dieter also used the flower prints in his previous S/S 2013 collection but after he continues his talk "The flower print is a big success, watch the collections of Paul smith for instance. It went marvelous for years but honestly the trend for F/W 13 will be the Paisley prints. I used it for my slimfit shirts. It's a really old pattern but looks great with the looks I presented at the show". So Paisley it is for winter 2013. What do you think ??

picture in collaboration with Ramoe Sewradj

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