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The sun is shining, the clouds are blue and summer has arrived in our wonderful Amsterdam. For many time to hit the terraces or go for a pick-nick in the park. For us Dutch Bloggers time to have a Boat tour, finger-food and wine in the Canals of Amsterdam thanks to Oona PR in company of Eastpack. As you probably might know Eastpack did some great collaborations with Designers like Kris van Assche and Raf Simons and how proud we are to say that we "also" have a Dutch Designer who collaborated with Eastpack.
We visited this Designer in his Atelier that day and had an inspiring talk with him. More about it soon.
First I want to thank all my fellow Bloggers Fashiongentrix, Fashionwritress, JustLikeSushi, ThisisX and InsidersUnited to share their pics for this post and ofcourse everyone for the great time !!

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Syrious zei

wow it looks full of fun!!
amazing amsterdam *_*

Syriously in Fashion
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konshonchloe zei

waoo super coool to meet others bloggers!!
cool pics friend

christian zei

Zag er zo leuk uit!!

Jennie from the Blog zei

ah ziet er super gezellig uit!

Matthew Arruda Lima zei

Amsterdam looks beautiful!


Mademoiselle Wanderer zei

die vrouw naast je is net J.LO (sorry, Jennifer Lopez tegenwoordig)...leuk om alle It-bloggers van Nederland bij elkaar te zien

simmon#said zei

Amsterdam is amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing

and your blog.


Chila zei

This seems pretty fun

athena zei

hello valentino.

i've always adored blogger meet-ups too! it's nice to be with people whom you share great interests with. :)

beautiful photos especially the last one.



Mathias Lowe zei

Nice pictures!


Błażej Słabolepszy zei

Your blog is great full of positive energy, good pictures and great style :) thanks for the comment and do not know if you checked, but I wrote it so that my picture greet Blaise :)

JULmv zei

nice pictures , thanks for your comment , i see you in my new post

Meroda zei

Beautiful Pictures I love the 3th one ;)

LG Meroda

SebastianMx zei

Nice pics!!! i want to go on a blogger boat too :P

Krizia zei

I love Amsterdam, such a vibrant city!
You have such a cool blog, keep it up!

x Krizia

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Anoniem zei

looks amazing!

TES zei

Hello my friend! what a good vibe in this post i like it. Last year i was in Amsterdam and i couldnt take a tour on was soooo cold haha! but i could enjoy the city!

A hug,

Irene Buffa zei

so cool!
I love ur blog
i d love to follow each other too

Alvaro Pinilla zei

Hello! Your blog is fantastic! I follow from now! :)


Juliano Dias zei

I'm loving your website with these images of street style.


oooh that looks sooo good <3

oojek zei


KingStarVip zei

great, warm photos ;] and u have tattoo wow! haha

Anoniem zei

Ziet er Gezellig uit! x

Daphne loves me zei

Hi boy! i like ur blog, it's so cool!

I think we can help with the trends in each country!

Thanks for the video on my Game Review, a hug man! I follow you!

Aleksa Marić zei

Amazing photos!

HelenDushko zei

I deffo luv such cool snaps and happy faces;)


Anoniem zei

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