Hmm.. Quite tough to write something about myself out of the ordinary. Well, lets just say I'm a boy/fashion interpreter/fashionisto/individual (whatever you wanna call me) living in one of the upcoming Fashion cities called "Amsterdam" !!

Fashion is and has always been one of the things I loved the most since I was a child. A fantasy world full of perfecly clothed mannequins in crushed diamond dollar bills, flamboyant collagen smiles and vinyl black stilettos drenched in flashing lights .. haha maybe I'm a little bit too enthusiastic right now but what do you expect !! its 2:07 in the morning DAMMIT and I really need some sleep !!

I've always been captivated by the way people express themeselves and how they turn their ideas and feelings into fashion and looks. So, living in amsterdam I took the opportunity to start blog, photograph and write about all that inspires me throughout the day !! Oh dear .. Its 3 O'clock and I really need to go to bed after typing away my precious hours of sleep !!

Hope you will enjoy and I keep you guys updated.

Kai Wong / Valentino Richanel

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