#02 I ♥ AIFW

Amsterdam is full of Fashion when Amsterdam International Fashion Week in town so without a doubt I was joining the whole scene at Westergas and DOWNTOWN to take a look of what AIFW S/S 2011 had to offer !!

Unfortunately I visited one show but eventually I spended quite all of my time shooting all those nicely-clothed people, models and professionals in and around Fashion Week. After all a week to remember !!

Another great thing I rembember was the great show of connie Groenewegen who I attended in company of Finalist and Winner of the tv program "Stylist v/d Sterren" Cemile van Dalen and Stylist/Booker Charlessjay who as well participated the program.

Connie Groenewegen took everyone to a whole new dimension with her "collection / silent disco" inspired by the life cycle of the butterfly. The models were wrapped in transparent foil and later off free themeselves out of their cocoons to run the catwalk while a strange sound was playing through our headphones. I was quite impressed by the way she turned that idea into her show and collection.

Loved it !!  

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