And just as I promised I'M BACK !! As you guys know my older "computer" just died a couple of weeks ago. When he decided to leave me it was the right time to buy me a new and stong Apple computer.
It feels soo good to write and post again and I have alot to write about cause a month has enough days to do the greatest things like the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of FILIPPA K.

Time flies when you realise a few years ago Filippa K hitted up in serveral Dutch Fashion Magazines as new and upcoming fashion brand in the Netherlands. Now everyone in the Dutch fashionscene knows about Filippa K and is still going strong after 10 years. That deserves a party for sure at the place to be, Filippa K store in P.C Hooftstraat !! I attended to give you guys a little impession and to party of course ;)

From Scandinavia with Love.

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