Some men live between two worlds, carrying in themselves a blend of west and east just as perfectly balanced as Yin and Yang. You can find them in Europe or America, allthough business, love or destiny will inevitable set their path towards the East.

Ermenegildo Zegna celebrated these fascinating and deeply contemporary invididuals by devoting the 2011 F/W collection to china, a country very well known to the brand: Zegna arrived there first 20 years ago, and has been successfully established ever since.

The silhouettes are defined by straight shouldered three-button suits and jackets, as well as streamlined high-cuff trousers, to be worn with snug ragian overcoats. The sporting attitude is echoed by utility touches and tweet-effect or macro Prince of Wales fabrics.

The outerwear is nonchalant and practical, with waxed cotton and leather peacoats, as well as buffed-off shearling duffle coats. Many hand-crafted cashmere sweaters, some of them with suede embroideries, also inspired from the imperial painting.

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Jason Laucht zei

ah mah zing!

Fashion Insanity zei

Mooie items en fotos!

KC zei

ooooh... i love the leather details on those coats.

Alina.Dellos zei

love your blog. lovely details.

thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comment.

Debbie zei

Hihi ja dat was ik ja :P Hilarisch he?

Toffe foto's trouwens, heel mooi!


Merel Fleur zei

Ik vind die details heel mooi op de eerste blazer! Ik volg je X