get a glimpse of my blogger room
the room of kaiiwong

After a sneak peek in my dressing room for the upcoming book "Grote Wereld Kleine Vensters" I wanted to go a bit further and show you around in my blogger room. Its the room where I write all my posts, the room where I think, the room where it all started, the room where my creative thoughts run free and the room I'm nothing more and nothing less than Me.

1. THE DESK is like my little office where I'm spending lots of time working on my blogposts or just relax and enjoy the view.

2. THE CUP I got from blogger Yann Bunzll always reminds me of the great times in Paris. I got this gift on the day I left Paris and it's on my desk ever since.

3. THE VOGUE is one of my favourite magazines. After buying my first Vogue the collector madness started. Nowadays my room counts more than 200 examples.

4. THE SKULL in front of my computer screen represents time and life for me. Time has no mercy and life is over before you know it. I know it sounds kinda sad but I see it as a lucky charm what keeps me motivated and sharp over and over again.

5. THE YSL is the brand I would answer if you ask me what kind of Designer I like the most.

6. THE ORCHID for me brings serenity in times I'm stressing out. besides I love these flowers too

7. THE ACNE SCARF is one of my favourite pieces in my dressing room. Fits everytime , everywhere.

8. THE ANTWERP STREETSTYLE is one of the books I get inspired of. The pictures are simple but tell a story what I think is one of the most important things to capture.

9. THE EYE comes in handy in times I'm really curious what's gonna happen in the future. at least you have to stay in track of things, no ??

3 opmerkingen: zei

Geweldige shots!! love the room =)
Fijne kerst nog voor je! xx

Linton from London zei

Very nice blogger room1 LOVE the vogue collection!


your room is very pretty! x