By sitting behind my computer and looking back to some pictures I realize how much I miss Paris. For me Paris is like the paradise for Fashion. The people, the vibe, the everything. Its magical.

Well, to be honest I'm planning to visit Paris again for the upcoming Fashionweek and this time in company of some other blogger friends in crime. I'm soo looking forward to it. Paris I cant wait to see you again...

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Enzo Pérès-Labourdette zei

Je m'ennuie de paris means: I'm bored of Paris!

I miss Paris = paris me manque xx

www.glamour-blog.com zei

I love this shot of you!

Mademoiselle Wanderer zei

Slightly envious, but I'm sure you will delight your readers with the cream of the crop of the visual spectacle of Fashion Paris

Joy. // Justlikesushi.com zei

Cool pic! And I'm missing Paris also soooo much!

Anoniem zei

great picture :) and of course you miss paris, paris is awesome :) xx

Jason Laucht zei

i miss paris too!!! very badly! :D
great shot mwaah!

Mr J zei

I love Paris and want to visit it soon! Last year I went twice there but it wasn't enough. Hope to be soon in the city of lights!

Like your blog, following! :)

Clément Dezelus zei

Hey ! how are you? I hope we'll meet in March for the fashion week!

derek zei

i can only imagine!! i can only dream of going to paris right now


your pic is amazing! and yes, we miss Paris too! :(


Igor Rądlewski zei

Best blog! I follow you!
Greet and invite you to my blog,
radlewski.blogspot.com <3