Yes.. even I got an addiction to read girl magazines..Even if I don't read the pages and just watch the pictures because they say enough words if you ask me. One of my biggest addictions is Vogue

Well,since Vogue turned out to be a Fashion bible instead of just a Fashion magazine I decided to be a abonné Vogue Paris. No more shopping for my Favourite Magazine but right in front of my door. Love It !!

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Mr J zei

Cool, I am addicted to Vogue and I'm not a girl haha. Agree with you, everywhere I go I buy a Vogue of their country (if they have their own) just to flick through the pages and look the photos, it's just inspirational.

Mademoiselle Wanderer zei

I have one that you would love to have, seeing Kate Moss firmly on the foreground, the Vogue Brazil with the Kate cover (also, excellent pics of her inside)

Jason Laucht zei

i love vogue. but i subscribe GQ. but they're conde nast so pretty much the same. only more MEN hahahaha


First of all i love your new layout!!!!
and your Header is pure <3!

Vogue Paris is the best Vogue!<3 i´m not a girl but i love Vogue, too :)

Rick zei

Vond het leuk je vanavond weer gezien te hebben. Tot snel.

x Rick


Antonia zei

Loooooving this photo! :)


octavio-style zei

Hi, great photos! greetings:)
follow us?

konshonchloe zei

yes me too!! really love vogue to!
amazing blog
im following u